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"The dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than itself."

Josh Billings

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Supposedly “the world would be a more beautiful place if everyone had the ability to love unconditionally like a dog”

M.K. Clinton

It is important to emphasize that breeding dogs is a big responsibility. We don't take this lightly. We have done extensive research and preparation to ensure that breeding will help produce healthy, happy and well adjusted Border Collies capable of living full lives. When deciding to breed Border Collies and keep another Border Collie, the following aspects are important to us:



Breeding Border Collies:

Health and genetics: The health of the breeding animals is priority 1. Genetic tests have been carried out with the aim of minimizing possible genetic health problems.

Expertise: Breeding requires not only a deep passion for the breed, but also deep expertise in its improvement and maintenance. In order to breed responsibly, we have acquired extensive knowledge of genetics, health, breed standards and dog training.

Responsibility: Breeding should be done ethically and responsibly to ensure the welfare of the animals.

Puppy Sale: Finding responsible buyers for our puppies.



We want to keep a puppy from the A litter and have thought about the following points, which may also help you to make the decision for a Border Collie puppy:

Dog's Needs: We make sure we have enough time, energy and resources to care for another dog.

Socialization: Introducing a new dog requires slow and careful socialization to minimize conflict.

Individual care: Every dog has individual needs. We will make sure that we can give our dogs enough attention.

Resources: Concerns about the financial burden that a (second) dog can bring, including food, vet bills and other expenses.

Training: Raising and training a dog/both dogs takes time and patience.

Unsere Welpen verlassen uns frühestens mit 8 Wochen, mehrmals entwurmt, gechipt, geimpft mit Ausweis und mit Ahnentafeln. Während der Welpenzeit wird der Wurf sowie die Mutterhündin und die Aufzuchtbedingungen zwei mal von einem Zuchtwart des CfBrH e.V. kontrolliert. Kurz vor dem Auszug werden alle Welpen nochmals von einem Tierarzt durchgecheckt und bekommen von diesem auch ein ausführliches  tierärztliches Gesundheitsattest.

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