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A border is moving in with us

Our Moon was born on September 9th in Baumbergen as Treemountains Moonlight by Monika and Gerd. Moon has 3 brothers - Mckintosh "Tosh", Meckenzie "Rusty", Maccallum "Mambo" - and 4 sisters - Madame Moira "Malu", Magic Mieke "Mieke", Maid Mable "Enja", Morning Kiss "Mila". All siblings are black/white or slate/white.

We visited them diligently in weeks 3 to 8. And were allowed to be there, among other things, at the first "predator feeding".

...and then she moved to us in the Spatzenwinkel in November. The first drive is remembered as very exciting, but the arrival at the new home was very relaxed and confident.

In the first few days and then weeks with us, we noticed the versatility of the border that had moved in with us.

A family dog...

A play dog...

An outdoor dog...

A table tennis dog...

...a dog that gets tired sometimes :-)



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