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Currently we only have one border, the plan is to keep one puppy from the A-litter... and then... who knows.


DOB: 09|09|2019

BOC: 18610 | black white





Our Moon is a fascinating and versatile dog.


Confident: Moon is an all-rounder with a remarkable combination of strength and confidence. Whether it's a new environment, a high agility obstacle or new people, Moon is curious and open. And in situations that she cannot assess, she behaves accordingly cautiously.


Balanced: Moon has a balanced personality that allows her to be comfortable in both active situations and quiet moments. She can channel her energy effectively and can easily adapt to different environments. She wants to be good friends with everyone, whether human or dog.


All-rounder: Moon is interested and motivated for many things - agility training, long walks on the beach or dog shows. 

Happy if she can come with me/us: The bond with us is very strong and her happiness is reflected in her tail wagging whenever “Moon joins” is said.


Happy when she trying to herd little birds on the beach: Moon lives out this favorite activity on the long beaches of western Brittany, indicative of her innate instincts as a herding and cattle dog. Border Collies are known for their herding abilities, and herding birds is one way for them to exercise these natural tendencies. She understands very well that she doesn't stand a chance when the birds take off across the sea... but it's still her favorite thing to do on the beach.


Happy at Agility: The enthusiasm and energy Moon shows in agility speaks to her mental acuity and physical dexterity. The challenges of the course seem to spur her on and her joy in overcoming the obstacles is clearly visible. She would certainly be super successful in agility sports if I could do it better too ;-). 


Successful at dog shows: As we only decided for a show and breeding career when Moon was 3.5 years old, we had to catch up on some exhibition training. The “stand” command is not and will not be Moon’s favorite training element. Despite our inexperience, we laid the foundation for the Class 1 licensing result with a V3 and a V4 placement.

Moons was able to impress the judges with her appearance, her attitude and her personality. The successes in this area testifies to her charisma and breed characteristics.


Good driver: 12 hours to Brittany ... no problem as long as she can come with us :-). When packing, she is always strategically positioned between luggage and front door. 

In total: Moon is our first dog. It has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We are very grateful that Gerd and Monika from Treemountains gave one of their great Borders to our family!

Moon wants to be challenged both physically and mentally, but without having to keep her busy all day. Her courageous nature, her balance and her wide range of interests make her a great companion for our everyday life, our travel adventures and shared experiences.





DOB: 05|12|2023

BOC 30381 | black-white-tan

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