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UPDATE APRIL 2024 : Auch Anakin ist nun ausgezogen. Derzeit ist kein weiterer Wurf geplant

We start breeding these fantastic animals in this year 2023. We didn't originally plan to work as a professional dog breeder, we just wanted a pet for ourselves.

Our entry into the breeder's career was  motivated by a desire to preserve the Border Collie's unique traits, including their intelligence, work ethic and versatility. And...bringing another Border Collie puppy into our family.

We at Spatzenwinkel have a passion for our currently only one Border Collie - but more soon :-)  -  and attach great importance to the welfare and happiness of our dog. Our home features spacious living spaces that have been thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of this active and intelligent breed. With access to  play areas, stimulating puzzles and regular training sessions, our Border Collies are not just pets, they are valued members of our family.




The home of our Border Collie kennel vom Spatzenwinkel is in Tönisvorst, the apple town on the Lower Rhine, within walking distance of the "Krefeld Forstwald" forest. 


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